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  • Nicky Imber

    Nicky Imber (1920-1996) was an outstanding multi-disciplinary artist whose artworks are displayed all over the world: from northern Israel, through the Vatican and the USA, to the Venezuela Children's Prehistoric Park. After escaping the death camp of Dachau by using his incredible artistic skills in an ingenious fashion, Nicky promised himself to perpetuate the Holocaust's remembrance. This was in order that every generation would remember the cruelty which the Jews had suffered from in exile, until they finally returned to the Holy Land. In 1978, Nicky got the chance to keep his promise by moving to the north of Israel where (in Carmiel) he built the Holocaust Memorial Park entitled "From Holocaust to Resurrection".

  • Resh

    Considered to be one of the brilliant modern, Israeli painters by art critics across the spectrum, Resh's creations have been featured in the most prominent art collections in Israel and worldwide. Yosef Reznikov and Oleg Shkred form the unique painting production duo called Resh (an acronym from their names). Painting in a variety of modern painterly and abstract styles, their artworks take advantage of contrasting painting techniques and vivid colors to reveal subtle emotions in their artwork.

  • Anna Zarnitsky

    Zarnitsky's passion is always evident in her stunning works. Her sensibility and approach to color schemes are second to none. Painting in a variety of modern painterly and impressionistic styles, her artworks take advantage of the full spectrum of artistic creativity to present her bold vision.

  • Avraham

    Master Artist, Avraham's status as one of the leading symbolic painters in Israel has been established by the numerous and prestigious honors he has been awarded. Heavily drawing from Jewish themes, his artwork imparts feelings of spiritual exaltation.

  • Beverly Heller

    Beverly Heller believes that an artist conveys the deepest expression of the soul. Her works show her imagination through soft colors and flowing lines contrasting with geometric designs Born and raised in Northern Michigan, she was influenced by Native American Art and combined this influence with her Jewish spiritual roots moving to Israel.

  • Marc Chagall

    Born in Belarus in 1887, Marc Chagall was a painter, printmaker and designer associated with several major artistic styles, synthesizing elements of Cubism, Symbolism and mysticism. An early modernist, Chagall created works in nearly every artistic medium, including sets for plays and ballets, biblical etchings, and stained-glass windows. Chagall died in France in 1985. Today, he is widely regarded as one of the most successful artists of the 20th century.

  • David Labkovski

    David Labkovski born in Vilna in 1906 his artistic talents grew until moving to Russia, Lenningrad to formally study painting. He was accused of being anti-Soviet by the secret police and was sent to Siberia. He only managed to survive the hard conditions by serving as a prison tattoo and sketch artist. After eight years in Siberia, Labkovski returned to Vilna to discover that the Jewish community there had been completely destroyed. From 1946 to 1958, he remained in Vilna where he painted images of pre-war life in Vilna, once known as “Jerusalem of Lithuania.” In 1958, Labkovski and his wife Rivka were given permission to leave Vilna to live in Israel, and they moved to the artist colony in Safed. He passed away in 1991, leaving behind a legacy of historical art creations, book illustrations and art teaching. His artwork is formally exhibited in the Jewish Museum in Ramat Gan, Israel. This exhibition deals with community life and people in Eastern Europe during the Second World War.

  • Gadi Dadon

    Gadi Dadon is an outstanding artist whose paintings and exhibitions have garnered worldwide praise and acclaim. Born in an ultra-orthodox family in Bnei Brak, he later grew disconcerted and left the religious world, deciding to explore his options by traveling the world to develop his artistic vision. After many years, he returned to Israel and to his deep spiritual roots finding new inspiration for his artworks. Today he lives with his wife in the Gallilee and is a member of the prestigious Safed Artists' Colony.

  • Domar

    Domar's works have been featured in prestigious exhibitions worldwide. Over the years his outstanding works of art have gained recognition by an exclusive clientele of celebrities such as Prime Minister Mr. Yitzhak Rabin, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prof. Elie Wiesel and numerous others. He is renowned for his experimental glass and clay works which are sometimes enhanced using silver and white platinum.

  • Dorit Gur

    Dorit Gur is an outstanding artist whose paintings and exhibitions have been praised and renowned worldwide. Her unique usage of acrylic paints and unconventional mediums produces intense, vivid hues and lights. Her colorful, typographical style matches her diverse personality, bringing to life the many spiritual and mystical themes portrayed.

  • David Gilboa

    David Gilboa was born in Romania in 1910. He immigrated to Israel in 1933. He studied at Academy of Fine Art, Bucharest at the years of 1927-29. He is one of the founders of the Artist's Quarter, Safed. Gilboa was a landscape painter until he discovered his true passion with portrait painting making this his main focus. Over time he painted a fascinating collection of diverse portraits emphasizing the multi cultural personalities of the Land of Israel. He he also produced and illustrated a number of children's books, among them "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson. David Gilboa passed away in Tel-Aviv in 1976

  • Itzik Benshalom

    Itzik Benshalom has been working with the "Lost Wax" sculpture technique since 1967. His artwork deals primarily with the human form using flowing lines and curves. Expressing a very distinctive artistic style, he employs a stark approach to form. Benshalom's works have been exhibited and featured in prestigious art collections throughout the United States, Japan, Europe and Australia.

  • Menashe Kadishman

    Considered to be one of the most respected Israeli painters by art critics across the spectrum, Menashe Kadishman's's creations have been featured in the most prominent art collections in Israel and worldwide. His sculptures and paintings have often featured sheep as a motif and this has grown to be almost a trademark style. In 2005 he was voted to be one of the top 200 influential Israeli's of all time. He passed away in 2015 leaving behind a legacy of artistic vision and creative genius.

  • Larissa Bulycheva

    Larissa Bulycheva is a tremendously gifted Israeli artist whose paintings have been critically praised and warmly received by discerning collectors across the spectrum. Born in Moscow in 1972, she has worked in animation and exhibited prominently in Russia and Israel. Since 2004 she has been living in Israel where she continues to create her art and teach her craft.

  • Dov Lederberg

    Considered to be one of the upcoming modern, painters by art critics across the spectrum, Dov Lederberg's creations have been featured in the most prominent art collections in Israel and worldwide. Curators have coined his unique style as 'abstract illusionist' and also 'mystical abstract expressionist'. Lederberg currently lives in the Galilee.

  • Reli Vaser

    Considered to be one of the unique contemporary, Safed artists by art critics across the spectrum, Relly Vaser's creations have been featured in the most prominent art collections in Israel and worldwide. Using mosaic as her preferred medium, her artwork takes advantage of geometric textures and rich colors to create stunning murals.

  • Rebeka Rosh

    Rebeka Rosh is a multidisciplinary artist whose paintings and exhibitions have been praised and renowned worldwide. Born in Haifa in 1953, she lives and creates her art in the region of the Upper Galilee, Northern Israel.

  • Ruth Knapp

    Ruth Knapp, native of California, and continuing her art studies in Boston. Subsequently while living in Cameroon, Africa where she learned first-hand about authentic tribal African ceramics techniques, she experienced a great spiritual thirst to learn about her own Jewish tradition. She then moved to Israel, where she lives today, conveying deep spiritual ideas and mystical themes through her artwork. She is quickly becoming one of the modern, influential and respected artists of the renowned Safed Artists' Colony.

  • Aliya Levi Sapir

    Aliya Levi Sapir Aliya Levy Sapir is a multidisciplinary artist whose artworks and designs have been praised and renowned worldwide. She lives and creates her art in the region of the Upper Galilee, Northern Israel.

  • Sergi Moskolov

    Sergei Moskalov is recognized as a remarkable artist who has enriched the value of the Israel Fine Arts scene. His creations have been featured prominently by some of the most prestigious art collectors in Israel and worldwide. Moskalov presently resides in Kibbuz Manara,Israel.

  • Shalom of Safed

    For most of his 85 years, Shalom Moskowitz known familiarly to his friends and neighbors as "Shalom the Watchmaker", lived in total obscurity in the Galilean hilltop town of Safed. Forced to support his family in early adolescence, he worked mainly as a watchmaker but also as a scribe, a stonemason, and a silversmith. After the destruction of his watch repair shop in the 1948 War of Independence, he scraped out a living by selling plywood toys colored with crayons which he has begun by making for his grandchildren. These wooden toys where spotted by the Israeli artist, Yossel Bergner in the early 1950's and Shalom was encouraged to take up painting. From that time and until his death in January 1980, "Shalom of Safed", as he became known internationally, produced an extraordinary series of delightful "naive" works which led to his being recognized as one of the great folk artists of our age.

  • Silvia Ghinsberg

    Born in Romania 1937 she later moved to Israel and studied art sculpture in the Avni Institute Tel Aviv, and also stage designs. . An active member of the Painter and Sculptors Association, Israel, she was chosen by the Israeli Government to represent the Association in "the Cite International des Arts" in Paris, where she received the award of "Encouragement of the Arts", given by the Government of France. Over the years this Master Artist has done numerous exhibitions and participated in many group displays in Israel and around Europe and the United States. She is also a Holocaust survivor.

  • Toval Sade

    Toval Sade is a gifted painter and sculptor born in 1979 in the Artists Quarter of the capital of Kabbalah, mysticism and art, Safed. She is the talented grand daughter of Avraham Sade, who was instrumental in building and organizing the Safed Artists' Colony as it is known today (Avraham Sade Square was later officially named after him in recognition of his efforts). Already from a young age, Toval's works have garnered international critical praise and have been appreciated by discerning art collectors worldwide. Her clever use of form serves to convey and capture emotion bringing to life the secret message and story of life.

  • Dan Moskona

    Dan Moskona is an outstanding artist whose paintings and exhibitions have been praised and renowned worldwide. Born and trained in Bulgaria he emigrated to Israel as a young painter and was very instrumental in influencing the growing artists' colony in the Galilee.