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Sku: David Labkovski
By Art Name: David Labkovski


David Labkovski

David Labkovski born in Vilna in 1906 his artistic talents grew until moving to Russia, Lenningrad to formally study painting. He was accused of being anti-Soviet by the secret police and was sent to Siberia. He only managed to survive the hard conditions by serving as a prison tattoo and sketch artist. After eight years in Siberia, Labkovski returned to Vilna to discover that the Jewish community there had been completely destroyed. From 1946 to 1958, he remained in Vilna where he painted images of pre-war life in Vilna, once known as “Jerusalem of Lithuania.” In 1958, Labkovski and his wife Rivka were given permission to leave Vilna to live in Israel, and they moved to the artist colony in Safed. He passed away in 1991, leaving behind a legacy of historical art creations, book illustrations and art teaching. His artwork is formally exhibited in the Jewish Museum in Ramat Gan, Israel. This exhibition deals with community life and people in Eastern Europe during the Second World War.